Tiny Towne

Preschool Programs

We offer preschool programs for both cheer and gymnastics.

  • Little Explorers Academy
  • Fundamentals Cheer 101
  • Future Rockers Cheer Training

Child development experts know that children engaging in movement programs benefit emotionally and physically. The emotional benefits include decision making, good choices, and listening. The physical benefits are creative movement, muscle building and creating a healthy habit of exercise.

A-Towne provides just this! Our Tiny Towne program classes will excite your child to move and learn many life long skills during the class. Our facility offers specially designed equipment for your child to explore a physical experience. Paired up with our enthusiastic experienced staff who focuses on positive feedback and provides a well balanced learning environment. Each week children have a special skill that is showcased to encourage LEARNING in a creative station. Within each session the children explore new physical capabilities that they learn their body can do!

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